Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Institutionalized Corruption: 'Dems cool on Obama bill '

"Senate Democrats have declined to support legislation proposed by Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) to reform lobbying, even though he is their point man on the issue." - story

The U.S. Disconnect on Bush Abuses

"The U.S. news media is experiencing a cognitive meltdown as it tries to hold onto the traditional view of the United States as a beacon for human rights while facing the new reality in which George W. Bush has plunged the nation into the dark arts of torture, assassination and 'disappearances' more common in 'death-squad' states." - story

Monday, February 27, 2006

The case against Democrublican Joe Lieberman

"Lieberman's stance on the war is quite troubling. He introduced the Iraq War Resolution to the Senate floor in October 2002, and has continued to unabashedly support every failed Bush administration policy on Iraq ever since. A press luncheon with Lieberman in Baghdad so shocked Time magazine's Baghdad bureau chief Michael Ware that he reported, 'Either Senator Lieberman is so divorced from reality that he's completely lost the plot or he knows he's spinning a line. Because one of my colleagues turned to me in the middle of this lunch and said he's not talking about any country I've ever been to and yet he was talking about Iraq, the very country where we were sitting.' [...] Just this past year, Lieberman voted to confirm John Roberts, and he voted against the filibuster of Samuel Alito LAW '75. He also voted for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, who, as White House Counsel, called the Geneva Conventions 'quaint' and was responsible for the legal justifications for torture at the Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay prisons. Lieberman's strong ties to industry left him standing alone as a Democrat willing to work on Bush's ultimately failed privatization of Social Security." - story

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Democrublicans: Julie Bartling

"A contentious abortion bill passed the South Dakota Senate late this afternoon. The vote was 23 to 12. [...] House Bill 1215 would ban most abortions in South Dakota. [...] Democrat Sen. Julie Bartling of Burke said the time is right for the ban on abortion. 'In my opinion, it is the time for this South Dakota Legislature to deal with this issue and protect the rights and lives of unborn children,' she said during the Senate's debate. 'There is a movement across this country of the wishes to save and protect the lives of unborn children.'" - story

"All Praise Prof. Alan Dershowitz"

"Next week a vastly important book will be published: 'Preemption, A Knife That Cuts Both Ways' by Alan Dershowitz. Yes, that Alan Dershowitz: the very liberal civil libertarian, anti-capital punishment Harvard Law School professor. And but for my lack of his legal scholarship, there is nary a sentence in the book that I - a very conservative editor of The Washington Times and former press secretary to Newt Gingrich - couldn't have written. The premise of his book is that in this age of terror, there is a potential need for such devices as profiling, preventive detention, anticipatory mass inoculation, prior restraint of dangerous speech, targeted extrajudicial executions of terrorists and preemptive military action, including full-scale preventive war." - story

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Port hysteria

"At first glance, Dubai Ports World's acquisition of the British-owned Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Co. looks troubling: Do we really want a company from the United Arab Emirates, one of the only countries that recognized the Taliban as the legitimate government of Afghanistan, acting as the maritime gatekeeper for New York, Miami, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Baltimore and Newark, N.J.? [...] The problem is that blocking the Dubai deal [...] only provides members of Congress an opportunity to talk tough and pander to the terrorism-rattled xenophobe in us all. [...] Dubai Ports World, like the foreign companies that already run the majority of key U.S. ports [...] is a contractor that coordinates logistics. And most important, it's not in charge of security. Port operators work with U.S. security officials (port police, the Coast Guard, the Department of Homeland Security) in charge of preventing terrorism." - editorial in the LA Times

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Democrublicans: Robert Casey

Likely Pennsylvanian "Democratic" Senate candidate Robert "Casey, who supports laws banning discrimination based on sexual orientation, said he provides a contrast to the conservative Santorum, the No. 3 Senate Republican who has frequently earned the ire of gay-rights groups for his opposition to gay marriage. [...] Casey also opposes gay marriage but favors allowing same-sex couples to join in civil unions that could provide many of the same benefits as marriage. [...] Like Santorum, however, Casey is opposed to abortion and supported the nominations of John Roberts and Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court." (story)

Let's just remember: Samuel Alito, amongst other things, decided it was perfectly OK to strip-search a ten-year old child. So that's quite the contrast that PA's voters will get to vote on there.

Paul Hackett learns his lesson

"Democratic Senate candidate and Marine Corps Major Paul Hackett is accustomed to waging quixotic battles and taking his hits. He just didn’t expect the lowest - and fatal - blows to come from his own party." (source)

Update from the "Democrat" spin machine: "Former Hackett staffers are now releasing oppo research against Brown for Republicans to use against him and other Ohio Democrats. [...] That was always one of Hackett's biggest liabilities - his inexperienced team." ("story") - As if it was impossible for Republicans to do their own "oppo" research.

Democrublicans: Joseph Lieberman

"A new Rasmussen Reports poll shows Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-CT) in good shape for re-election [...] If Lieberman runs as a Democrat and is challenged by former Gov. Lowell Weicker running as an independent, Lieberman leads by 21 percentage points, 46% to 25%. If Ned Lamont (D) were to win the Democratic primary and Lieberman to run as an Independent, 'the incumbent Senator still shows a 20-point advantage and leads Lamont 45% to 24%.'" (source)

Why wouldn't he run as a Republican? Would that be too obvious?

Friday, February 17, 2006

Price Tag: Iraq War

"Nobel Laureate Joseph E. Stiglitz and Harvard budget expert Linda Bilmes plan to present this week a paper estimating the cost of the Iraq War at between $1-2 trillion. This is far higher than earlier estimates of $100-200 billion." (source)

History Lesson: Climate Out Of Control

"The Kyoto Protocol is an international agreement, negotiated in December 1997, by which industrialized nations have committed to making substantial reductions in their emissions of greenhouse gases by 2012. A total of 155 countries have committed to the agreement thus far. [...] In July 1999, the United States Senate voted 95-0 to pass a resolution co-sponsored by Sen. Byrd (D-W.Va.) and Sen. Hagel (R-Neb.), which stated the Senate would not ratify the Protocol unless rapidly developing countries such as China were included in its requirements to reduce greenhouse gases. The Clinton Administration announced it would not send the treaty to the Senate for ratification." (source)

"A satellite study of the Greenland ice cap shows that it is melting far faster than scientists had feared - twice as much ice is going into the sea as it was five years ago. The implications for rising sea levels - and climate change - could be dramatic." (source)

Renewal of Patriot Act Clears Hurdle in U.S. Senate

"Legislation to renew the USA Patriot Act, the anti-terrorism law passed after the Sept. 11 attacks, cleared a key procedural hurdle in the Senate today, easing the way for passage by Congress. [...] The Senate voted 96-3 to limit debate on the measure, allowing the chamber to proceed to a final vote that's scheduled for March 1. Speaker Dennis Hastert said Feb. 10 that the House would pass the legislation if the Senate did." - story